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  • horrible people in a small office, she handed me two pairs of very ugly frames and told me to come back in the morning at 9 am to get glasses. She made me furious; I knew I wouldn’t show up.

  • Ink on my favorite dress but mostly I was worried that the ink on my neck might never come off.

  • we drove past a glittering casino-like building called Nutcracker. Pete got very excited about this.

  • The room? ground? was shaking. Everything in the china cabinet rattled dangerously. Priceless pottery – why wasn’t it in a museum? I locked the door of the cabinet to try and keep everything safe.

  • glow-in-the-dark crayons had been approved for use on the face as makeup but the model was not impressed

  • an evil website that kept re-opening its window. Corresponded with the chatroom that worked on paper – they could see everything I wrote down, and when they did, my words disappeared and I could never get them back.
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