Well, I started out the day with a phone call from my friend Irene. She wanted to basically know what was up. Unfortunately it woke me up and got me out of bed. We talked for roughly an hour with my girlfriend calling in the middle (I have call waiting) to tell me she'd call me later. Irene told me that Raiders of the Lost Ark, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Princess Bride, and 3D porn were being shown over the next couple of weeks at a local theater and we decided we should go to all of them. Unfortunately I'll still be one month from being 18, but I'm hoping the porn is NC-17, otherwise I might not get in. Eventually she had to get off the phone though.

I went on E2, and wrote some writeups and made it to level 2. Hooray! I can now vote! I went to some websites, but being a Sunday, not much was happening on the web. I tried out Gnutella, and it seems like a great transfer protocal.

I then found a Sunny Day Real Estate website full of reviews of the new album The Rising Tide and guitar tabs for three of the new songs which I was eager to learn to play. I read the reviews, most of them claiming that it is one of the best albums of 2000. One review called it the OK-Computer of 2000, and I'd have to agree. I went and played guitar for a long time and had fun learning the new songs.

I then went back to the computer and played some Infantry before dinner and got a call from my girlfriend. She asked me to come over at 9PM. After dinner I got showered and headed over to her place.

I got there and talked with her and her exchange student "sister" and we ate Jelly Belly jelly beans. The exchange student got tired and went to bed because she still hasn't fully adjusted to the new time zone. I talked with my girlfriend and had a wonderful time with her. She showed me her cell phone that she had just gotten, proving to me that I am now dating a yuppy. Oh well, she's great for a yuppy. I came home at 1:15 and am off to bed now.