Serious Sam

INDIVIDUAL: Ugh-Zan III, The Vicious Warlock
METABOLISM: immortal mammal
PERCEPTION: ancient entity
SIZE: 330 ft
ENDURANCE: infinite
HOSTILITY: extreme
WEAPONS: homing missiles
thermal bombs
rocket launcher
pulse lasers
REWARD: 1 million FC
THREAT: immeasurable


This is the third incarnation of the vicious Ugh-Zan, last of the Warlock giants. Ugh-Zan has the rank of Great Admiral in the Mental's army, and has served the evil for millions of years.
As large as a mountain, armed well enough to confront an intergalactic cruiser, and endowed with unseen magical powers and the ability of regeneration, this grand warrior is one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe. Ugh-Zan was sent by Mental to supervise the final cleaning of planet Earth.


- Employs most powerful weapons and magic spells known
- Has ability to regenerate
- Pray your favorite deity for a quick death


Um, gee, thanks, NETRICSA...

OK, seriously (heh). So, there's this 300 foot tall city-destroying immortal alien sorceror stomping towards you. What's any self-respecting hero gonna do in a situation like that?
Yup. Your gonna run your ass off. (Big tip: hit fire to skip the cutscene as soon as it starts -- buys you more time to peg it in the direction of away while he's busy demolishing the scenery.)

See that great big pyramid over there? Seems like a good place to run to, doesn't it? Of course it's not quite that easy, but if you've made it this far then you should be used to this kind of thing by now. Just keep up the momentum and try not to quail at the thought of charging headlong into a batallion of mechs and bulls. Taping down the fire key for the SBC Cannon might help. Just keep moving!

Sometime through this, the hella big Independance Day style UFO from the previous level will pass overhead and park above the pyramid. Don't worry bout that yet, there's bigger fish to fry.

Also sometime, Ugn-Zan will pull out his pulse laser and magma bomb gun and start blazing away, as well as gobbing up the occasional homing fireball (same as the Highlander's). This is a worry -- the magma bombs and fireballs can be intercepted before they hit, but the laser streams can only be evaded with some seriously handy footwork. Haul ass up through the infinite kleer tsunami (minigun work) to the front of the Great Pyramid and yer halfway home.

See that binary countdown that started above the door? That's how you've got to hold out before the metaphorical cavalry arrives. Aside from the occasional suicidal Beheaded Kamikaze rush up the ramp, your only real worry should now be the fact that Zan has parked himself smack-dab right in front of the pyramid and is doing his damndest to put you in a box. Use Tommygun or laser to knock down the various attacks before they reach you, and spend the rest of your time plugging rockets and cannoballs into his thick skull -- you can't kill him yet, butevery bit of damage now will save time later.

When the timer runs out, nip into the pyramid and watch the pretty cutscene.

What, you thought it was that easy? ;)

Kay. So Zan's back, he's pissed off, and he's packin' some serious heat. And of course, he's still immune to conventional weapons.
Fortunately, you've got one pretty unconventional weapon on hand. :)