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CLASS: Sirian Werebull
PERCEPTION: labor animal
SIZE: 9 ft
WEAPONS: horns
THREAT: medium

SCORE: 2000


Crossbred with mixed genes of Sirians and some kind of cattle. The Werebull behaves much like an ordinary bull and attacks with its horns by charging.


- Avoid its charging attacks by sidestepping

You'll hear these guys coming before you see them, bellowing and thundering towards you at great speed. Strafing is the only way you're going to avoid becoming roadkill. No weapon is particularaly effective against werebulls, although using the knife has a certain flair...

A few pointers in the finer arts of werebull exploitation:
Werebowling-- Werebulls are very headstong individuals who tend not look where they've going once thay've got up steam -- scenery, trees, enemies, small buildings... it's all the same to them. Why waste ammo on the little enemies when Mr. Werebull is quite happy to do your work for you? There's nothing quite like the sight of an enraged werebull stampeding through a squad of rocketeers, scattering them like skittles as it goes... :)

Werejumping-- You know of rocket jumping, right? Well, this is the same principle, more painful maybe, but also sometimes more rewarding...
The trick in in the timing. You want to be standing close to the wall you with to hurdle (but not too close), wait for the werebull to come charging towards you, and then, at the last possible moment, leap backwards (towards the wall)... and hope momentum and gravity do the rest.
The poster child for this trick was the old daylight Karnak training level, where it was possible to be knocked right out of the level proper, stroll around admiring the distant scenery up close, and then drop back into the final arena having bypassed nine-tenths of the map!

Werebulls start appearing in large quantities at approximately the same time as the cannon does. This is no coincidence. Use it wisely.

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