A Nerf weapon capable of delivering either a rapid rate of fire, or having a large complement of ball ammunition. Best used for longer range, prolonged engagements, these weapons are used to lay down heavy fire on your enemy.

Current Nerf Weapons rated as Heavy Nerf Cannons: Forget every other Nerf weapon you ever had, these weapons put down so much fire that anyone using the original guns will simply have to run for cover.

More Recent Heavy Nerf Cannons:

Heavy Nerf Cannons have significant advantages, but, like all Nerf guns, they have drawbacks as well:

  • Limited range when compared to other Nerf guns
  • Often-questionable accuracy
  • Enormous reload time
  • Difficulty of modification

Since modified Nerf guns such as the Nerf Titan and SM5K can consistently shoot over 200 feet, it is inadvisable to neglect longer-ranged weapons.

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