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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Kleer Skeleton
PERCEPTION: magical creature
SIZE: 9 ft
WEAPONS: two-ball projectiles, claws, horns
THREAT: medium


An undead skeleton of a being from an extinct race from the planet Kleer, of Alpha Canis Majoris. It has long sharp claws on its hands and a long tail.
They either attack by conjuring two-balls or by slashing with their claws from close range.


- Their jumping attacks are best evaded by sidestepping

A species of gentle, telepathic pacifits, the kleer abjured all forms of warfore. When Notorious Mental launched his first devestating assault on the Sirians, the Kleer refused to fight on theri behalf. When the last Sirian was hunted down and killed by Ugh-Zan's legions on Earth, still they did nothing, believing that Mental would never turn his attention to them -- after all, they were a perefctly preceful and harmless species, right?

They continued believeing this until the point when Mental (just for kicks) ignited the atmosphere of their planet. In a few brief hours, an entire species was eradicated in one of the most horrible ways imaginable. All that remained of their once verdant planet was an endless shattered plain of ash and blackened skeletons, haunted by mad ghosts unable to come to terms with the cataclysm that had befallen them.

Mental was not slow to realise the potential of this. Exerting his near-limitless powers, he re-bound the Kleer's spirits to their ruined bodies, creating the twisted legions of undead terrors that we know today. For the past thousand years they have served as the shock troops of his forces, destroying everything in their path with a terrible rage and confusion.

Kleer backstory c/o


Long range: Tommy-, mini-, or laser gun for ammo efficiency. Rockets and cannon for catharsis.
Close range: Coach gun right between the eye sockets. Wait until you can see the blacks of their eyes... gauging the exact maxmimum distance that will kill rather than simply stun is considered something of an art.
Really, really close range: The humble combat knife. See bonehead maneouver for details.

Second Encounter:
The bad just got worse... although superficially the same as before, these beasties have gained a new dimension of nastiness -- low cunning. They will pack together, dodge out of your sights and flank you with a kind of sheer malevolant mischief you normally wouldn't credit silicon chips with. In other words, by dint of a simple brain boost, they've just been jumped up to the no. 1 kill on sight bracket. Be warned.

The original Kleer design bore little resemblance to the beastie we know and loathe today. It still had its skin on, for a start (even if it did look a tad mummified), and wore body armour and decoration. It also had a fairly chunky-looking model, which is presumably what necessitated the makeover.
Sniff. I miss those 'lil guys...

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