Judging by the length of today's daylog, this writup is almost certainly redundant, but there are things I must express, and I fear the emotions and thoughts might fade if I take the time to read the rest of today's logs.

Being a very individualistic and rebellious person, I loathe the concept of authority, and naturally despise The Establishment. And although I recognize its necessity, I'm not a big fan of government. Lately I've felt that American Culture has been on some kind of decline. The media has taken over our culture, and the civil rights we hold so dear are gradually being handed over to corporations. All this doesn't contribute much to my sense of patriotism.

Then something like this happens.

Terrorists attack, destroy, and kill the things we take for granted. Using our planes to destroy our buildings and kill our people. Here, in our country. Attacking the heart of our way of life.

And suddenly I realize that there are places in the world where things like this are commonplace. That there are people who face terrorism every day. Ireland, Israel, Kosovo, and far too many other places.

And it dawns on me that at times like this, I appreciate the fact that Big Brother is watching over us. That the most powerful military in the world is prepared to respond to whoever did this. That justice will be served. Because there are too many in this world who are not so fortunate.

And reflecting on this, it makes me a little ashamed that it takes a tragedy of this magnitude to make me realize just how proud I am to be an American.