Track 12 on The Flaming Lips' Clouds Taste Metallic.

Maybe there's a certain relief that follows an acceptance of circumstances beyond one's control. Maybe there's a kind of joy that accompanies giving in to a no-win situation. Maybe everything right is wrong again, and we're all OK with that. Maybe we can live with the hopeless bleak despair following us around. Maybe you really can find happiness in slavery.

The first 2/3 of the song is primarily acoustic guitar-based, with some meandering electric guitar in the background, and no percussion. When the last verse starts up the drum set comes in riding heavy on the cymbals, with a fuzzed-out electric and bass guitar adding to the noise. The song dies out on the last few words, and after Wayne sings the final line all that's left of the instrumentation is a burst of feedback.

While Clouds Taste Metallic is far from being a concept album, it's interesting that the next and last song on the album, Bad Days is sort of a howto on coping with things not going the way we'd like them to: "You have to sleep late when you can, and all your bad days will end..."


With loving hands,
And their arms are stretched so wide
They can't seem to take a breath
Knowing evil will prevail,
And a million people seems like a lot,
And a million people can be wrong...

With loving smiles,
And their mouths are stretched so wide
they can't even take a breath,
knowing evil will prevail,
and the magic bullet is the glowing mothership,
and the mother zaps you dead...

with loving hands knowing evil will prevail
knowing evil will prevail
knowing that evil will prevail
knowing evil will prevail
knowing that evil
always win...

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