Here's a few more for you. Believe it or not, I've actually had to turn down a number of ladies.

  • No matter how often you call him on the phone just to talk, he never does it back.
  • He tells you he's not much of a "phone guy." This is generally supposed to discourage you from calling, but if he says this and actually calls just to talk, you'll know you're really in.
  • He starts doing lots of things on purpose that make him look like a jerk or an idiot, even though you know he's neither when you're not around. This could mean he doesn't like you at all.
  • He has sex with you, but only very reluctantly.
  • He won't have sex with you. This could also mean he doesn't like you at all.
  • He never invites you places without anybody else coming along.
  • You kick him in the balls.