Today was a good day.

Japanese Fluency, Fast Approaching

As that balding guy with the chips used to say, "no, not really," but I did do awefully well in my Japanese class today. That is good, because usually I am just a stupid honky in a sea full of Asians. Now, with mid-terms fast approaching will I be able to hold on? Stay tuned.

A Perfect Time With the Girl I Love

This is going to sound piggy, but I think that hardly any man could disagree that this sounds nearly like an ideal way to spend a few hours with their girl: we go to lunch, thai food and she pays. We go to Barnes and Noble and look at books and study. She then says, "want to skip class and go back to my apartment?"

Much merriment ensues.

No Yoga

I halfheartedly wanted to go to Yoga tonight, because I can feel a few pounds coming back on and I think I am loosing muscle mass. But, I was tired and felt like slothing. I arrived home and ate some leftover Kim Chee Bokum Bap my girlfriend had made for me that weekend and was ready to go when mom pulled her back out by putting on her workout clothes. Getting old must suck.

I really don't like to go to those classes if I don't have somebody else there, so I didn't go.

Should Have Left Well Enough Alone

If there is but one moral somebody can glean from anything I write in this node today, it is just leave well enough alone.

I had this wonderful image of my girl as I left her this afternoon. I shouldn't have talked to her again until tomorrow and carried her warmth with me into my dreams, but I just had to talk with her again before I slept.

Her roomate was driving her nuts. Her roomate has bad habits like talking to herself very loudly and keeping my girlfriend up all night long by laughing and typing on her AOL instant messanger. Yeah, that is pretty lame I suppose.

Anyway, I am not sure if I did anything to help the situation and now I kind of remember her all pissy and such. I only hpoe that I helped to alieve some of her stress.