Today was a medicore day.

Girlfriend, Where Art Thou?

My girlfriend is in the process of getting her green card. She flew from Minneapolis to New York to meet her family and get it taken care of. However, she called me very worried at midnight and told me her father was not at La Guardia to pick her up after her plane landed.

We talked for forty minutes, and still he did not come. Eventually, her pre-payed phone card was running low and she had to go. I have not heard from her since. I do hope she is okay.

Harry Potter is a Good Read

I finished the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, in a little over two days and I guess what they say is true: it really does appeal to everybody once you read it.

I am really, really looking forward to catching up on the whole series. Time to go to Barnes and Noble.


My friend Steve called and told me he was back in town. I went over for dinner. It was odd seeing him with a glass of wine in his hand. I never had imagined him with any sort of questionable substance in his hand. I was relieved to hear that since he had become twenty one that he had been drunk at least once.

His girlfriend seemed cold to me. That was odd. But then again, it really didn't help when I said, "gee, you really aren't doing that well tonight?" When I referenced her inability to guess correctly while we were playing Trivial Pursuit.

I was trying to be witty, but I let the meaning of some half-cooked smack talk leak out. I don't recommend that to anybody. I got a very cold look, and she went to bed that night without saying goodbye. Eeewww!

DUDE! Motherfucking Prince is HERE!!

My friend Tom the playboy called me just as I was wrapping things up at Stevo's. I could hear the Ump-Aah Ump-Ahh of some club music as he screamed over the din, "Dude, motherfucking Prince is here at The Lounge. Dude, what do I say to him? I want to fucking talk to him!!"

As if I had the "secret phrase" that would allow you to talk to Prince. To Tom's, "What do I say to him," I replied, "you don't." However, Tom is the type of guy who could end up sleeping with Prince and half of his entourage. He really is that slippery.

I am eager to talk with him tomorrow and find out if he was even able to get within six feet of him. I have heard interesting stories from my parents.