I dreamt that there was something strange with my two cats. Of course, there is always something strange with cats, but it was, this time, unusual. I was with them in my house, with maybe a part of my family, at least my mother.

I went to the bigger cat (who is the mother of the other one) and kissed her. She had a strange odour. She did not smell bad, no... She just had an unusual odour. She smelled of drugs. Of hospitals. Of doctors.

I decided to bring her to the veterinarian... Or maybe only thought about doing that. Or only thought about considering doing that. At this time the vet told me that my two cats were going to die, in one hour. I had not gone to the vet yet, so maybe he finally came, or was just speaking to me from the place where he was, or maybe I only remembered him saying that, when I had gone to him with my cats before this event, which would explain their odour, now that I thought about it.

So they were going to die because they had been euthanazied, but still had one hour to live* before actually dying, which was the reason I has brought them back to home. Or maybe the vet sent them back.

At this time I was pretty confused because of all those flashbacks, and maybe a bit sad, too. I think my mother was crying but I could not really hear or see her because of all those odours I was smelling and also because of all those thoughts of death.

* I guess my cats beat Bruce Willis. Well, in my dreams.