The school told us to wear pink, red, and white. I purposely wore all black. I bought a load of chocolates and gave them out to anyone who was single. I wouldn't say that I hate Valentine's Day, but all in all, fun knocking down the religious holiday that's since been bastardized by overcommercialism.

The interesting thing was that out of all my friends, a great lot of them also didn't care. Like the girl who was dumped on the weekend, and the girl that was dumped a couple weeks back... LOL

The day is all in how you perceive it. It's as much of a deal as you make it. All you gotta do is ignore it, go to school/work, live your life... because it really is just a day. Twenty three point something hours in which to do stuff, so go do stuff dammit!

But on a lighter note... This morning was a rarity. Because falling on the fair city of Edmonton, Alberta was perfect snow. Snow that is perfect, or at least as perfect as snow can get. What is perfect snow? you ask... Well, it must be warm out, the snow should be falling in big fat flakes, and any wind should be minimal. In its most basic description, its snow that's pleasurable to be in.