Moodstats is an interesting program written by the folks at Kaliber 10000 (aka k10k) which, somewhat unsurprisingly, allows users to chart their moods.

Upon first setting the program, you are prompted to record some basic demographic data, including:

and then choose three mood categories to customise - there are another three (Mood, Creativity, Stress) hardcoded in. These range from the productive to the silly, including:

Achievements, adventures, aggression, AIM/ICQ, alcohol, anxiety, bad habits, beard, bedwetting, betting, career, church activity, chocolate, cigarettes, clothes, clubbing, computer crash, cuddling, daydreaming, diet, dizziness, doing nothing, dreaming, drugs, eBay activity, email (received), email (sent), exercise, fame, fetishes, finances, fitness, flirting, gambling, gaming, good deeds, going out, going postal, hair loss, health, headaches, horniness, kung fu, looks, love, luck, masturbation, medication, mental health, origami, popularity, portfolio, productivity, pubbing, public transport, reading, romance, screentime, sex, sexiness, shopping/spending, sleep, snailmailing, sports, spots, stimulant, swearing, telling lies, therapy, thinking, tiredness, watching dvds, watching tv, weather, wedding plans and weight.

You can select one of these three to be absolutely anything you wish.

Each day, the idea is that you go through and record, on a scale of one to ten, a score for each of these six statistics. You can also record a daily diary entry, as well as attaching notes to individual statistics.

As time goes by, the software allows you to plot your moods in these six areas and let you click on entries to see if there was a particular reason you felt the way you did. It is not like a biorhythm, and offers only hindsight into your moods.

If you register the software, you can synchronise your daily entries with the main moodstats server (with degrees of privacy for different statistic types, diary entries and so on), and compare your moods against the rest of the (moodstat-using) world.

It's a fun program, for the most part, and the user interface design itself is crisp and clear, somewhat unsurprising from the makers of a premier design site.

If you want to download it, you'll find it at