K10k (established in 1998) is arguably the most popular online design portal-magazine and is maintained by the people who are known to the design industry as mschmidt, token, and per.

It contains a quickly updating news feed in which design heads can get their fix of freshly designed web goodness. The news feed is updated by many industry key people such as Jeffery Zeldman, Praystation's Joshua Davis, Famewhore, the Testpilotcollective type foundry crew, Mike Cina, and many more. If you're looking for the latest in web design innovation, the k10k newsfeed is one of the places you should look at first.

Apart from the news feed, the site contains weekly design features, a huge collection of desktop screenshots uploaded by visitors, and some more design goodies.

K10k is sponsered by Mediatemple, Adobe, Apple Computer, Araneum, and Tripledash.

In July 2001, the k10k crew decided to take a break from working on the site, and so it became a little less alive. But worry not, for it will be back, probably better and bigger on January 1st 2002.

Sites you are likely to visit if you hang around k10k long enough:

URL: k10k.dk, k10k.net, k10k.com . pick your favourite and bookmark

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