"It's the perfect time of year....."

The Whiz-Bang Atlanta E2 Party has ended.
Thank you all who attended. It was a great time!


Who: Accipiter, jessicapierce, Templeton, byzantine, pukesick, discofever, WonkoDSane, aphexious, briiiiian, piq, jethro bodine, ccunning, ClusterSnarf, Medieval, crispycrisco, Mitzi
What: The Whiz-Bang Atlanta E2 Party
Where: Accipiter's Apartment: Smyrna, GA.
When: February 10, 17:00 - Whenever
Why: Fun, and stuff. Or something.
How: Any way we want.

Wow. That was one HELL of a weekend.

There was Beer, Driving, Noders, Beer, Ice, Music, Lemon Thingies, Chewy Candy, Beer, Driving, Getting Lost, Pool, Food, Beer, Driving, Massive Alcohol Consumption, Sleep, telephone calls, Chips, Dip, Muffins, Chocolate, Craaaaazy Taxi, Typing of the Dead, pizza, more noders, more beer, driving, Karaoke, more driving, more getting lost, music, talking, and sleep. (In that order.)

Be sure to check the URL above for the complete weekend synopsis, including photographic evidence of our activities.

Last Update: February 11, 2001 - 21:59