We were trying to get there, honest. But Kentucky got in our way.

Zot and I were attempting to drive to Atlanta, Georgia for the The Whiz-Bang Atlanta E2 Party. It started to stink right around I-75. I had taken over the driving for awhile. It was raining. It was cold. We were on the wrong highway.The car had over heated and the check engine light was now on.

I pulled over immediately and we tried to let the car cool down in hopes that it had simply overheated because of some reason or another. After about thirty minutes of waiting, we tried to start it back up. We drove it about a half a mile before it started steaming again. So we sat around for another thirty minutes, lather, rinse, repeat.

We did this until we eventually got to a gas station, where we tried to put in anti-freeze and water. No luck. So we called a tow truck, who got lost and eventually came to pick us up about an hour and half later. The tow truck drops the car off, and then drops us off at a local motel, where we stay the night.

The next morning, we call the repair place, who won't be able to get to the car until Monday. Since we can't stay until Monday, we start calling around Frankfort to see where we can get a rental car. No one has one way rental cars, but one place, Hertz, does have them in Lexington. We we call a cab and spend fourty dollars to get to Lexington where we start talking to the Hertz representative who won't let us take the car because they won't take debt cards, and the card had to be in Zot's name. We check with all the other car rental places, same story.

We finally call Thrifty car rental, who comes and gets us. They take us to their offices, close to the airport in Lexington. We then have to go through the same credit card circus act in order to get the car, but eventually, we're able to leave in a vehicle. Not that we can get very far though, because then we get lost in downtown Lexington, there are no maps in the car. But after hitting rush hour traffic times ten because of a Wildcats game, we find a gas station and then find our way back to I-75. We stop and get something to eat near Georgesville, the move on. We just now got home.

So we're sorry about missing the party, but it seems as though Kentucky just couldn't bear to see us go.

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