Korea - Japan relations = strained, see also: mutual hatred.

I was recently surprised to find that many Koreans severly despise the Japanese, although I shouldn't be surprised. Japan did sort of... well.. occupy Korea under Iron Fist. Call it my American upbringing, I just never knew enough about history to realize.

So I began asking Koreans I work with what they thought about the Japanese. Here's some responses:

The only people that like the Japanese are the Japanese.
All Asia dislikes the Japanese.
Or I probe, "What do you think about the Japanese." (shakes head)

I suppose I was more surprised that this animosity still exists, and more so to see some of the Japanese comments online:

The Koreans are slaves of Japan.
Or something like equating Koreans to dogs: see cehgoggi

I'm a Jewish American, and I don't hold anything against the people of Germany. However, one thing I've come to realize is that political correctness seems to be purely a Western Ideal.

Note: I was indeed talking to "younger" Koreans, soldiers in compulsory service.