Sony are also the only manufacturer in Britain who have their own high street shops, the 'Sony Centres'. These sell all things Sony (well, maybe not sex aids, but it's only a matter of time), concentrating on the electronic entertainment products like TV's and Hi-Fi's. Interestingly they never seem to stock either the PlayStations 1 or 2.

Sony manage to retain a rigid grip on the control of their high street prices by forcing other suppliers to enter into (possibly unfair) contracts, stating that they will not undercut the Sony specified price. This means that Sony products are almost universally priced at a pre-determined level.

I’m sure it won’t be long before they start to seem more like Daewoo (apart from being bust) or Mitsubishi and make cars, and cranes and microwaves (if they don’t already). You’ll be cutting your lawn with your Sony while listening to your Sony through your Sony’s. oh dear.

I’m not criticising Sony, ok I am, but only their marketing practices and even then not much, not their products, which are almost always robust, reliable and of high quality.