A mix of PDA, portable games system, and Playstation memory card. It is slightly larger than a standard Playstation memory card, with a small monochrome screen and 5 input buttons. A variety of software can be loaded onto it through the memory card slot on a Playstation console.

The Pocketstation is designed to be used both as a memory card for Playstation games, as well as allowing the user to take the game (in a simplified form) with them when they're travelling. Playstation games designed to take advantage of the Pocketstation tend to load a simple game onto the device which furthers the characters abilites in the main game, or perhaps unlocks a bonus level or cheat when completed.

The Pocketstation can function as a simple PDA, and it's the devices timekeeping abilites that are used to add time sensitive features to Playstation games. It's possible (if the user has a Pocketstation plugged in) to have seasonal or time dependent aspects to Playstation games .. whether or not this potential will be used in the games depends on whether or not developers feel enough users will own a Pocketstation.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: ARM7T (32 bit RISC Processor)
Memory: SRAM 2KB, Flash RAM 128KB
Graphics: 32 x 32 dot monochrome LCD
Sound: Miniature speaker (12 bit PCM)
Switches: 5 input buttons, 1 reset button
Infrared communication: Bi-directional(IrDA)
LED indicator: 1 unit
Battery: Lithium battery (CR 2032) x 1 unit
Other functions: Calendar function
Dimensions: 64 x 42 x 13.5 mm (length x width x height)
Weight: Approximately 30g (including battery)
Product Name: SCPH-4000 "PocketStation"

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