The popularity and widespreadness of CowboyNeal has reached an all-time high.
The market share held by CowboyNeal in different fields in made up for by the enormous amount of uses CowboyNeal has.
If you have CowboyNeal, you have just about everything you need. I figure CowboyNeal must be quite expensive.

The investigator of the truly absurd, as long as he he find it amusing,(that's me) investigates.
What exactly is CowboyNeal? A quick search on Everything2 reveals only a user.

But in SlashDot, we can find some examples of the uses of CowboyNeal and also see the popularity.

1:Allthough not really, I just ended the research at this point.

Ps. Please don't get me wrong on this. CowboyNeal is my hero. I mean only funniness with this node.
Pps. All the polls are blatantly stolen from SlashDot, and all copyright thingies dost belong to them.

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