November 29, 1999

I visited #everything, for the first time in several months. I noticed some changes in the decor; the stone-washed bananagrape color scheme seems, to me, less than ideal. And the Yanomami fertility sculptures distress me - what if some kids wander in and see this?

I was welcomed by loothi and spinyNorm; soon I was undergoing the initiation rite, something that wasn't in place during my last visit. Part one: spinyNorm set me on fire. I lit a cigarette in the flames, and quite enjoyed the mingling of the two aromas of fine Virginia tobacco and burning flesh. (Note to self: would this work as incense?) It reminded me of summers spent at my grandfather's farm.

Then, I was to be branded. loothi heated up the branding iron, in preparation to apply the #everything logo to my charred flesh. I hesitated, and prepared for the worst.

"Where do you want it?", she asked.

How nice of her to ask. "On spinyNorm", I replied.

The Spiny One declined. But CowboyNeal came to my aid, volunteering to be branded, instead of me. The brand was applied; he chose to be branded on his ass. Voilà! - it was done. Smiles all around. He will wear it proudly, on my behalf.

My suggestion for accepting models for new E2 graphics is The Brave Cowboy himself. I would like to see an animated GIF of him shaking his butt and making that #everything logo dance. (If need be, ply him with drink, the dancing music of his choice, and frequent reminders of the life-enhancing qualities of maximized fresh loin air). It could be used to link to the new IRC-client node type. Groovy!

But lose the stone-washed bananagrape colors.

Thank you.

Next: my dinner with Andre Malraux.

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