During a soccer game the other day, I witnessed once again the goalkeeper missing the same goal four times in a row.

First he missed it in real time. Then he missed it in slow motion. Then he managed to miss it in the reverse angle as well, and lastly from behind!

A similar thing happened during a corner. Even though the players tried four times, the exact same thing happened every time.
Being the researcher-kinda-type I kinda am, I decided to investigate.

I quickly located a former soccer player and put Guinness in him until he would let me into the trade secrets.
"So.", I say. "What's with this 'replay' thing ?"
Name withheld (to avoid contamination) looked deeply into his beer and said,
"Oh, the replay thing. It's terrible, terrible. That's the reason I no longer play, y'know ? I was in the top until I started to play a bit dirty, y'know ?"
"Do tell."
"You see, I started giving less than my best, and started playing a bit relaxed, like. Because I knew that I would get a few more chances later on, most of them even in slow motion."
"Then there was the live television match.", he sighed, and looked at his empty glass.

I quickly moved over to the bar and picked up some more beer. A reluctant bartender and an argument about what I owed him delayed my return to the table.

When I came back, the soccer player had vanished, leaving behind only an abandoned corpse, and an enormous bar tab.

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