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My day was particularily normal. Classes as usual, came back, dinner by myself (nobody was around), hanging around in my room installing (and then playing) NetHack. I'm getting over my sickness, which means I'm still sick, but I am definitely beginning to feel better.

Classes drag on though. I'm not sure why I am here, to be honest. I probably could have graduated this semester with the credits I have with a BS in Computer Science, but scholarship takes care of tuition, and so I feel like I should take the time to enjoy college while I'm here. I don't know what I'm going to do with my time in the next few semesters though. I could major in Spanish if I took about 3 more classes, but it doesn't appeal to me. I'm thinking about taking a bunch of Japanese for the heck of it, but that's only one class a semester. *sigh* I know why I'm here for me, it's because I enjoy the people here, the atmosphere, the time I get to do what I want and still learn. But, it's these damn classes that keep getting in the way ;).

I have begun to slowly get addicted to NetHack. I'm not sure why, being that it is only text (or tiles!) but it seems so innocuous. I died a lot last night. More times than I wish to recount. *mumbles about kitchen sinks and black sludge that appeared* YASD. End of story.

This has led me today to the conclusion that I am easily addicted to things. I don't drink or smoke, which is probably good considering that fact. But I just find myself wasting away playing games obsessively. As a kid, I played Nintendo constantly. My mom had to force me to go play outside. I got Asheron's Call last spring, played over a week and a half in the first month of subscription. I burned out. Depression set in. Sold my character on Ebay. But now, yet another evil looms on the horizon that I will obsess over. *shrug*

Maybe everybody needs something to obsess about. Better a game than something harmful, or unobtainable, or a person.