whorehopper - n.; a derogatory term generally used to describe a sleazy male in a position of power, who uses his position to have sex with females; literally, a person who "hops on whores", i.e., a person who has sex with whores. The term does not appear to be in widespread usage, but tends to be applied more to sleazebag good ol boys from the American South. Newspaper/magazine editors, certain U.S. Presidents, and record company executives are common targets of the attribution.

The term "whorehopper" appears in the comic book series Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis (writer) and Darick Robertson (artist). Transmetropolitan is about a Hunter S. Thompson-like character named Spider Jerusalem; Spider's unseen, slimy editor is known only by the nickname "The Whorehopper".

Note: "Whorehopper" is also the title of a song by the metal band Ted Bundy's Volkswagon.

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