Australian violinist. He is best known for his work with the Dirty Three and as a member of the Bad Seeds.

Warren Ellis is a comic book writer who lives in Southend, United Kingdom. He was born in Febuary 1968 in Rochford, Essex, United Kingdom. Ellis is a self-admitted cynical bastard and has even quoted Grant Morrison once calling him "the man with a snarl for every occasion" in an interview.

He started off in the British comic magazine Speakeasy (which later folded and became Blast), with the beginnings of Lazarus Churchyard. Lazarus Churchyard is the story of an immortal man, who only wants to die.

Ellis moved on to American comics, and wrote for Marvel and DC. Some of the comics he has written for include Wolverine, Excalibur, X-Calibre, Hellblazer, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, and many others. He also wrote comics that were his creation rather than others. He has created such wonderful series as Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Dark Blue, Strange Kiss, and others.

Ellis is known to be friends with other British comic greats, such as Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, and Grant Morrison.

At the moment he lives in Britain, with his girlfriend and their daughter.

At the moment a movie script of Transmetropolitan is in the process, as well as the rights for a Planetary television show. He has also worked on Hostile Waters, a PC game, and is working with White Wolf on Adventure!.

You can read more about the man, directly from him at You can also subscribe to his "weekly" e-newsletter, From the Desk Of. A collection of his 1995-1998 newsletters have been collected into a small book. He also has a collection of web articles that he wrote for a comics webpage. They're collected in Come in Alone, and talk of the comic book industry and have recommendations at the end of each article are things to read(book, webpage, and graphic novel) and a cd to listen to.

Bibliography:(abridged, as according to the man)
Warren Ellis at
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From the Desk of by Warren Ellis.

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