A computer that is worn on some part of the body (embeded in clothes, attached to one's belt, in a backpack, etc), that usually has a display over one's eyes, and some input device such as a one handed keyboard, and/or a microphone. Wearable computers are generally worn 16 hours out of the day, but are generally not worn during sports, sleeping, and bathing. Also they have the capability of being user proactive (instead of forcing the user to browse) through the use of augmented memory and augmented reality.

Wearables are also clothing with company’s names embroidered on them. Unlike pens, mugs and key chains, wearables are usually high quality, walking billboards for the companies that use them as give-aways to their employees and clients. In 2002, the wearable industry in North America produced approximately $4,000,000,000 is sales and is growing rapidly.

Wear"a*ble (?), a.

Capable of being worn; suitable to be worn.


© Webster 1913.

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