Friday was the start of school for me. I stayed up late the night before playing Diablo 2 until 1 in the morning. As you can expect I was tired when I awoke. By the way, I goto a private school. I got ready, put on my uniform, khaki pants, white dress shirt, and a tie with black shoes. I went to school, and said hi to my counselor from the year before, and to my new counselor for this year. Then the bell rang and I started going to classes. It was a half-day so the classes were twenty-six minutes each. The first classes were the usual, kind of boring.

After all the morning classes we went straight to our afternoon classes skipping lunch because of the shortened classes. After my free period I went up to my class. The class was chemistry. My teacher told us to look at his chart in front and take our seats. So I did, and I found out one of my friends was going to sit right next to me, but he wasn't there that day. Then unlike any other class my teacher started talking about actual chemistry, not the usual, "these are my crappy rules, now go get this this this and this signed." To demonstrate what he was talking about he tore a piece of paper into small little pieces and asked us what kind of change this was. The dead spirit of the class groaned "physical." He said very good, and continued. He produced a lighter from his desk, and lit the paper on fire. The flame flickered and mesmorized us. He then asked again. We groaned with more excitement this time, "chemical." He said good, and then continued talking.

Before class was over he pulled out a jug of what appeared to be water. He poured it onto his desk and began to put his hands in it and said, "I like to play in my water." We all wondered what he was talking about then he removed his hands from the puddle of water and asked one of the students to touch his hands. He did, and then the teacher asked why his hands were cold. We replied because of the evaporation and such. He said good. Then the bell rang. He told us to wait a second, and then he turned off the lights. He took his lighter and put it to his desk. The top of the desk caught on fire, and we all gazed at the blue flames. He slowly wiped the flame from his desk as if he were a magician.

Now you ask why did I say this? Because this is really cool. This shows me enthusiasm. When monday comes, I really am looking forward to this class more than any other. I was later talking to a friend in another school that said his teachers don't even care if he learns or not but the fact is they are teachers, and they teach. We need more teachers like our chemistry teacher to show that learning can be fun instead of creating mindless robots to just do work and not learn. You don't learn when you just read and write down answers. I wish all teachers were this enthusiastic about their subject, don't you?

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