Stealth sex, not to be confused with being dead silent during sex, is a useful skill for young lovers. While at first glance the two may seem similar, there are some major differences. Being dead silent during sex can sometimes mean your partner is just sitting there like a bump on a log. Not the best reaction for your ego. Stealth sex however is the practice, indeed, the art, of having sex without making any noise. Now, when the act is occurring in lofted dorm-room bed, and not a peep is heard, this is quite an achievement. It can be a necessary tool for survival if one has one or more roommates, and is trapped in a college dorm. The only other option is to use the study lounge, and that's risky at best (although sometimes the whole 'risk factor' is kinky in of itself).

A higher form of stealth sex is ninja sex. It is as quiet as stealth sex, but it involves complex positions while maintaining the same standard of silence.

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