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no no...i poop too much...and then i get tired (Little Steve I, reflecting on his freshman year.)
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my name is pat. born in new haven connecticut. lived in athens for middle school/high school. yes...athens as in: athens, greece.
i go to the University of Connecticut, where i'm in the pre-med program, but am majoring in computer science and engineering and pure mathematics. i date sarah. i like chinese food, anime and the color green. linux is pretty cool too ;) i love math, specifically pure math. even though i'm an engineer, i don't mind if the math i'm learning has no practical application; the more obtuse the better i say :0) artificial intelligence and crypto tickle me pink.

Version: 3.12
GCS/E/M d?(d--) s: a--21 C++ UL++ P++ L++ E W++ N K w++(w-)>w
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G++ e++ h* r++>r+++ y++*

Artemis Entreri: the man behind the legend...or something...

/me misses sensei.

mentees: you'll want to cruise on over to
i'll use that space to gather helpful information for you guys, and i'll also /msg you private urls, where i'll put wu specific stuff for each of you

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