Node your university! Or college, as the case may be.

There are a lot of nodes out there that have university names in their titles. Now, now..don't be shy; don't stop there. And don't just say "The University of Connecticut is in Storrs, Connecticut. People drink beer and watch basketball." I go there, so there's probably a wealth of information in your head about your educational institution of choice, and you can get some more juicy details by bugging the reference librarians, as well as the curator of the university archives.

List residence halls, and maybe node them, giving their history, who they're named after (those people are usually important, at least in that state), cool facts, hauntings, steam tunnel access, and anything else your little heart desires. Give a run down of the administrative and classroom buildings on campus, and a brief description of what they're all about. Now, you don't have to go crazy and node the whole general catalog, but be descriptive.

Now, all of this is just factual. As the scope of e2 is infinite, you could even encompass subjective things about your university. Maybe a section on classes/teachers. Who's good, and who's not. What classes are interesting, which are demanding, which should be avoided at all costs? No slander; just helpful tips. This section is often best saved for last. Node the factual, and after some thought and reflection, and maybe talk with other university noders, you can add some "review" sections.

Try to keep things concise and to the point. You need to find a balance as far as what's in the main node. So far, I've kept everything but residence halls to a brief one or two line description. As I noded the history behind the residence halls, each of those had a separate node, but try to keep the rest of the pertinent information one page. Just as you'd like to type in a country name, and see important information in front of you (a la CIA World Factbook), the same should go for universities. You don't have to necessarily list every major, or everything about your university. Start somewhere, and I'm sure some of you know other everythingians at your university. Get together. Friends that node together stay together. We can all go to, or open their general catalog. As a student, you can share the nitty-gritty info that you're privy to, or that's dispersed throughout too many official publications.

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