A shady, semi-official annual event at Imperial College, London. As part of rag week, the main objective is to have plenty of anti-social fun under the shield of charity fund raising.

Despite the complicated (and misleading) name, the premise behind the SNKPJ is very simple. A dozen male students sign up, usually under the influence of alcohol or peer-pressure. They collect pledges of sponsorship. Come Saturday morning they get tanked up on dutch courage once again and pile into an unmarked van to be dropped off outside posh department store Harrods. Assuming conditions are good, and PC Plod is nowhere to be seen, our kamikaze students will jump from the van wearing nothing but shoes, bow ties, and their invisible parachutes. The race is then on to get back to the students union quadrangle past one mile of dense London traffic and crowds of confused tourists. Unlike an ordinary race, the winner is the one who turns up last.

This race obviously requires spirit. Quite apart from being uninhibited enough to bare all to the world, the runners must worry about the dangers of being apprehended by the law or molested by perverts. The latter concern ultimately forced the abandonment of this short-lived tradition.

This came about as the runners were in preparation for the year 2000 race. A brave female fresher decided she would win glory by being the first woman to run the race. The race organisers hum'd and ha'd over this for some time before refusing on safety grounds. Her case was taken up by an over-zealous male feminist union officer who brought up the issue in a meeting. This act destroyed the union's plausible deniability and the event was banned by college bureaucrats.

The SNKPJ WILL return...

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