Located pretty much in the center of the UK, in West Yorkshire. Approximately 20 miles from Leeds and 35 miles from Manchester.

Has the McAlpine Stadium also known as the Banana Stadium because of its design. The UK Band Embrace came from here.

There's also a University and a new Shopping Centre. Huddersfield also has the third highest number of listed buildings in the UK.

Huddersfield is a town in Yorkshire, northern England, near Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield. With a population of 115,000 it is one of the largest towns in the country not granted city status. For all its popular 'flat caps' image it has been recognised as a centre of culture in terms of poetry and traditional music. Most importantly, there are plenty of good pubs.

The surrounding district was first settled during the iron age, but the first record of the town itself is to be found in the Domesday Book (1086), where it was noted that:

In Odersfelt Godwin had six carucates of land to be taxed, affording occupation of eight ploughs. Now the same has it of Ilbert (de Laci) but it is waste.

In 1757 the Methodist founder John Wesley visited the town and recorded his mixed impressions:

"I rode over the mountains to Huddersfield and a wilder people I never saw in all England. The men, women and children filled the streets as we rode along and appeared just ready to devour us. They were, however, tolerably quiet while I preached; only a few pieces of dirt were thrown."
(There are no real mountains in England, this is poetic licence with reference to the Pennines.)

Huddersfield remained a small settlement until the industrial revolution where it grew to become a mill town, mass producing woollen goods. The luddites were very active in the area at this time.

Today, stepping out of the railway station onto St George's square, the elegance of the town in its Victorian heyday may still be seen. Unfortunately, like many English towns and cities, much of what the Luftwaffe failed to destroy in the 1940s was torn down by modernist zealots in the 1960s.

There is a medium sized University and the award-winning sixth form Greenhead College. In sports, Huddersfield can claim to be the birthplace of Rugby League as well as home to the Huddersfield Giants rugby team and the once great Huddersfield Town Association Football club.

Famous Huddersfielders include actors Patrick Stewart and James Mason, Prime Minister Harold Wilson and entertainer-musician Roy Castle.

Note that locals will usually pronounce the name as 'uddersfield'...

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