A week, in college/university, where the aim of the game is to a) raise money and b) get pissed out of your head as is the tradition on college campuses(or is that campii?) around the world.

I don't know if this particular tradition extends any further than Ireland but it's a good laugh and I hope that it does.

The word rag in this case refers to either 2 things.
  • Rags of cloths...many schools have a rag day which involves students getting to wear normal clothes instead of their school uniforms in exchange of small bits of money.
  • Raise a Grand - referring to the collecting of money by all of the events, which can quite often exceed a grand
I'm not too sure which came first, perhaps somebody else would be able to shed some light on this. (:

Highlights of last year's rag week in my college included a freak show, many excellent bands & DJs, lots of bouncy things and an often undesirable amount of the aformentioned alcohol.

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