The Amateur Transplants are a band comprised of Dr. Adam Kay and Dr. Suman Biswas who record cover versions of famous songs with the lyrics altered to be a parody of the life of an ICL medical student, and medicine in the UK in general. The profanity used in their songs varies from: "The clothes that you wore looked a million dollars/but your body looks just like Rick Wallah's" to "You stupid cunt, you useless cunt.. (etc)". Therefore, it "should not be purchased for an elderly maiden aunt".


Their first album, Fitness to Practice, was recorded in 2004 in a basement as part of RAG week to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief. The CD went on sale online thanks to The Friday Project, with 10% of profits going to charity. By the end of 2004 the pair had no more time to package the CDs, so took the CD off sale. Demand had not subsided and copies started selling on eBay for >£60 so the pair decided to enlist help and bring the CD back with bonus tracks.


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