A dance, popular in the early 90's, that is similar to country line dancing, but with much less difficult steps. The Macarena craze revolved around a song by Los Del Rio called, predicatably, "Macarena". It can now be witnessed at punk and ska shows when people decide that it would be witty to Macarena.

The original Macarena was a Spanish song by Los Del Rio which didn't succeed at grabbing much fame even in their home country, until the American Bayside Boyz remixed it, producing the one of the biggest dance hits of 1995, quickly turning into something most people can't stand, and easily classify as the "worst of the 1990ies".

The Macarena is a dance performed at weddings and other social gatherings where all kinds of people like to dance, but don't know how. It's easy, consisting mainly of hand and hip movements. The song is annoying after the sixtieth time you hear it (which happened about a week after it was unleashed on the radio.)

Right hand out, palm down. Left hand out, palm down.
Right hand out, palm up. Left hand out, palm up.
Right hand on left arm. Left hand on right arm.
Right hand on head. Left hand on head.
Right hand on left hip. Left hand on right hip.
Right hand on backside. Left hand on backside.
Sway back and forth three times, then turn 90 degrees to the right.
Repeat, ad nauseum.

Sources: AP Research.

ASCII man doing the macarena...
 o       o       o       o       o       o      <o      <o>
^|\     ^|^     v|^     v|v     |/v     |X|      \|      |
 /\      >\     /<       >\     /<       >\     /<       >\

 o>      o       o       o       o       o       o       o
 \       x      </      <|>     </>     <\>     <)>      |\
/<       >\     /<       >\     /<       >\      >>      L

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