Celtic mythology pronounced "shee" and is the underground Otherworld to which the Tuatha De Danann retreated after their battle with the Formor.

also the derivation of the word banshee, literally, a woman=ban of the sidh

The sidh as described by the Irish folktale The Voyage of Bran:

'There is a distant isle,

all around it sea horses sparkle,

splendid race against the the foaming waves,

four feet support it...

Feet of white bronze support it,

shining with beauty throughout the centuries,

fair land through the ages of the world,

where many flowers bloom.

There is an old flowering tree

from which birds call out the hours;

it is there harmonious custom

to call out each hour together...

Lamenation and treachery are unknown

in the familar cultivated land,

there is nothing vulgar or uncouth,

but a sweet music that strikes on the ear.

Neither grief, nor mourning, nor death,

neither illness, nor weakness,

there is the mark of Emain,

rare is the marvel like this one.'

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