Sindh is one of the four provinces of Pakistan, in the heavily-populated lower part of the Indus Valley. The capital is Karachi.

It is bounded on the south by the Arabian Sea (the Indian Ocean), on the west by the province of Balochistan, on the north by the province of Punjab, and on the east by India. The area is 141 000 km2, and the population is about 30.0 million (1998 census). Its provincial assembly has 99 seats.

The principal language is Sindhi, an Indo-European language.

The name is also written Sind, but the official spelling is now Sindh. It was the subject of a pun or joke when it was conquered by the British in the nineteenth century. The conquering general, Sir Charles Napier, was said to have sent a telegram saying simply Peccavi, Latin for "I have sinned". However, I have an idea this might not actually have happened, but was a joke used in Punch magazine contemporary with Napier, and has been hallowed into an urban legend. I'll see if I can find a reliable source on whether this is true.

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