The scirocco is a hot, dry, violent wind that starts out over the Sahara Desert. It blows north over the Medditeranean, picking up humidity from the sea, and ends up blowing over parts of southern Europe (mostly Italy). This wind will cause severe sandstorms in the desert, emergencies and occasional loss of life in shipping and sailing lanes, and rainstorms in the south of Europe. I've heard that it will cause changes in mood, a la the Santa Ana, but how much, I'm not sure.

These winds are usually caused by cold, dense air quickly sinking down the sides of mountains (like a chinook), but I don't know if this one is also caused by this. This wind is analagous to the leveche, which is the southerly wind that hits Spain.

There was also an old VeeDub called Scirocco - the Mark I, manufactured from 1974 to 1980, the Mark II and the 16V, manufactured from 1979 to 1988. The car was a sporty hatchback, bearing a slight resemblance to the Saab 9-3. It appears to be a very popular car - the web is filled with pages devoted to the VW Scirocco.

You know, I have no bloomin' clue why this node is cool. I guess Bones is a VW Scirocco fanatic...

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