Volkwagen Polo (Old Shape)

Dates back to 1979. This is a very solid workhorse of a car ideal for shopping. This gave it a repuation as a Grannies or shopping car. The meagre 4 gears helped with that reputation. Howver the GT and GL versions were quiet nippy on their low profile tyres. I surprised many a car in my Polo GT before mine died on the M4 M25 junction after a characterisic water pump problem.

It's advantages include:-

  • Sips fuel
  • Cheap to insure.
  • No one would nick it
  • Tardis like storage capacity(I once got a 2.5m Ladder in their)
  • Easy to park
  • Can be maintained with a hammer Spares are easy to come by
  • Very reliable

    It's disadvantages include:-

  • Water Pump
  • Non existent brakes
  • Noisy
  • Hard Seats

    Volkwagen Polo (New Shape) Introduced in the early nineties. This car was a much needed upgrade to the Old Polo. Although they share the same name, the two models are very different structurally. The new Polo is much larger than the old Polo. Being easily mistaken for the VW New Golf. If you want the size of the old polo then get the new VW Lupo. Strangely the larger size translates into smaller storage capacity. This is due to the rounded jellymold styling. This is the car I now own, my 3rd Polo.

    It's advantages include:-

  • Reliable
  • Comforatble
  • Sips fuel
  • It's disadvantages include:-

  • Awful gearbox Lack of extras commmon in oter cars
  • Expensive servicing Expensive parts
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