Almost every radio station has contests to win concert tickets, money, trips and all sorts of other crap. Most contests on the radio usually involve being a certain caller number (9 and 10 are popular caller numbers), answering a stupid question, or entering a random drawing. Sometimes the conditions for winning are a little more strenuous. One local radio station, KSJO has made contest participants do extremely humorous, painful, or humiliating things in order to win prizes. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Eating a scab off someone's body
  • Being locked in a car with no air conditioning when its 100 degrees outside.
  • Wearing 20+ layers of clothing when its 100 degrees outside.
  • In the Woodstock or Bust contest, participants must mail in pictures of their favorite "bust".
  • Crank calling celebrities and seeing who can keep them on the phone the longest.
  • A pregnant bikini contest.
  • And my favorite, the first man willing to go into Tower Records wearing a dress, buy the new Brittany Spears album, and stand in the middle of the store and say "Hi my name is so-and-so, and I am so-many-years old. I love Brittany Spears, rainbows, and unicorns. I'm feeling pretty and I wanna boogie" wins a prize!
A radio station in Atlanta called 99x (, if you want to listen to them) recently had a contest called "Urban Survivor" Where a bunch of people lived in a hotel room and they started voting each other out, the winner will eventually win $10,000. You would think it would make for great radio but honestly they are the most boring people you have ever met, except for the lesbo who brought drama and conflict, and the problem with this format is that the conflict gets voted out, thus making the show more boring as it goes on.

I hope there is never anything like survivor on e2, I shudder to think of an Everything survivor.

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