Term used by some pro-lifers when they speak of those who are pro-choice. Propagated by Pat Robertson, via his media and anti-democracy ventures. Who, in his/her/its right mind is pro-abortion? Who, other than some mythical destitute abortionist, hounded by the IRS and his third ex-wife's divorce lawyer, would be in favor of the performance of some maximized number of abortions? I say: Can we all just get along?

Part of the usual mudslinging around sensitive political issues these days. In the tradition of negatively slandering the other side, ultra-conservatives have come up with pro-abortion. As a conservative, I have to laugh at their foolishness.

Compare anti-choice, the term that some liberals (such as Saige) like to use to slander us. Idiotic, isn't it? I wish these people would just stop with the slander. Unfortunately, when people are angry they usually resort to childish bickering and name-calling. I'm sure the Christian fundamentalists would have called them "anti-life", but that sounds weird. Just argue sensibly. If you can't do so with so semblance of self-control, shut up. Leave the debate to smart people.

I seem to recall hearing that the people who describe themselves as "pro-choice" are in favor of letting us choose for ourselves whether to have abortions or not, and that the people who want to outlaw abortion are against letting us choose for ourselves whether to have abortions or not.

Hence the name.

Anyhow, that was my own possibly naïve take on the issue.

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