Pentium = P = percent-S

peon n.

A person with no special (root or wheel) privileges on a computer system. "I can't create an account on foovax for you; I'm only a peon there."

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

The peon is a unit from Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft series of games. It is the basic non-combat unit for the Orcs, gathering resources and building buildings. They are built at the Great Hall, and take gold back to it. Peons can cut down trees to get lumber, which they then return to either a Great Hall or a Lumber Mill. Finally, and most importantly, they are the only unit which can build Orc structures. In Warcraft III they gain the ability to hide in Burrows and defend the base. The peon is usually the first unit built by an Orc player in a new base.

That's not the whole story, however, as 'peon' has been adopted as a general term for the resource-gathering and structure-building unit in Blizzard RTS games, in a similar manner to the use of town hall. The various units referred to as peons are, in Warcraft, the

and, in Starcraft, the This is inordinately useful when giving general advice, as the basic play mechanics of these units are very similar. It is also used when comparing sides in the later games. Usually, you need more peons when playing as Zerg than as Protoss in Starcraft, for example.

Pe"on (?), n.

See Poon.


© Webster 1913.

Pe"on, n. [Sp. peon, or Pg. peo, one who travels on foot, a foot soldier, a pawn in chess. See Pawn in chess.]


A foot soldier; a policeman; also, an office attendant; a messenger.



A day laborer; a servant; especially, in some of the Spanish American countries, debtor held by his creditor in a form of qualified servitude, to work out a debt.

3. Chess

See 2d Pawn.


© Webster 1913.

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