As an Australian watching the rollups to the upcoming 2000 American election and all the traditional shit slinging and political highwires, even the detatched isolationalism couldn't but help be a poignant reminder to me of the absolute fuck uppedness of the concept of leadership today and always.

I mean how much crap have the peons (that's us) been put through since the beginning of history by faulty leadership? How many have suffered? Many of the Sins of the World can be blamed on irresponsible and/or ignorant leadership. Maybe this wasn't such a large issue in the past because they were truly peons then. Today however, there is power to the people - it's generally accepted that we have a right to responsible, fair and just leadership. This is not just something that it would be nice to have, this is of fundamental importance. From what I've heard at the George Bush node, he's a bit a cunt.

Now that I've voiced my primary leadership gripe out of the way, I would also point out that the amount of disagreements between the peons also sucks a lot. There is a lot of hate and anger coming out of unresolveablecontroversial issues that makes me very sad - abortion, homosexuality, religion, ethics1. While it is healthy to have diversity of opinion, when it comes down to the crunch, when we have to make the choices that will have such massively resounding influences on the society, then who the fuck are we to make these choices? Linking back to the idea of leadership, I do not see how world leaders can make these decisions and sleep soundly at night.

So who should make these decisions? We should have a democracy so that we elect peers to do it right? What a joke. I don't think humankind was created for leadership that is ethically right.

The solution: We need giant robots bent on world domination to become the evil overlords of the Universe.

Oh sure, maybe they'll be quite a bit sterner than their human counterparts, and they probably won't even pretend to care about us, but at least it eliminates the bitter irony of it all. 1For the record I am pro homosexuality, totally undecided on abortion, and while a strict aetheist I support your right to religion.

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