A tradition here in Melbourne (elsewhere? I'm not sure. If anyone knows, /msg me), to punish a particularly bad loss in a game of pool. If you lose by seven balls - that is, your opponent sinks all of his colours (or bigs/smalls) and the black, and you haven't potted a single one of yours, you must perform a pants run. The victor will pick a circuit* around the pub or wherever else you happen to be, and the loser will have to pull their trousers down to their ankles (underpants can stay on, but that's up to you) and shuffle around the predetermined route.

I have only had one experiance with the aforementioned situation, and unfortunately, I was one the receiving end. At a ward party hosted by Keithy G McD's parents (doctors can really party), I was despatching various people from the pool table for a good few hours of the evening. Now I consider myself an above average player - not great, but better than some. Until everything went wrong one game after another victory - I think I'd had a few too many of Melbourne's finest, Melbourne's better than finest, and the only decent thing to come from South Australia. I had an easy run at least, people understood what was happening, and only one person pinched me as I did it.

Update 25/08/2002: Had to do a pants run last night at Weekender at the 9th Ward. Hmm. Now, both times it has happened, Pulp's Common People was playing, and both have been something to do with a ward.

409 tells me that in Scotland this is called pulling a granny, but also the the depanting is an option, and there can be other punishments (eg. Buying drink for winner).

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