Weekender, whatever you do, just make sure what you're doing makes you happy...

An epic, 13 minute final single from the otherwise deeply average Flowered Up. Bookended by quotes from Quadrophenia, Weekender is a sprawling, scathing attack on the early 90's rave culture that spawned the group. Unusually for the period (1992), and for Flowered Up themselves, Weekender was a hugely ambitious number, running a musical gamut from techno to acid jazz, with a healthy dose of stadium rock pomposity thrown in. It could have been awful, but it's held together by singer Liam Maher's North London snarl of a delivery, and ends up sounding like Pink Floyd doing "I Am the Resurrection" with (Quadrophenia's) Phil Daniels on vocals. If you can imagine such a thing.

The song made a significant dent on the British charts, and was accompanied by an equally epic and excellent video, but this would be Flowered Up's last, and best release. Shame.

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