Luge is the French word for sled.

A sport consisting of lying on a small sled, feet first, then pushing yourself down snowy hills or specific curving and banked tracks. You can steer by using straps attached to the front of the sled, by shifting your weight (the sled is attached to the runners at two points, thus allowing flexing, and thus steering by weight movement) or placing your feet on the ground in front of you. Speeds of 90mph have been recorded.

The first international race occured in 1883, over 4km from St. Wolfgang to Klosters. 21 competitors from the nations of Australia, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland participated. The race was won by Georg Robertson, a Austrailian student and Peter Minsch, a postman from Klosters. In 1954 luge was admitted as an Olympic sport.

"Luge strategy? Lie flat and try not to die." - Tim Steeves

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