Streetluge is becoming an popular alternative sport. For years people have been laying down on skateboards and hurtling feet first down hills, but recently streetluge has become visible and accessible to the public. It is one the "extreme sports" that are so popular recently, along with bungy jumping, barefoot waterskiing, and BMX riding.

In street luge, the pilot rides in a laid back position. The streetluge itself is a a long craft, as long as 8.5 feet. It has four skateboard type wheels and can reach speeds of 85 mph. The competitors rely solely on gravity to propel their vehicles, and typically race down twisty mountain roads. The races are run in a head to head format of up to 6 racers starting at the same time. After an aggressive session of bumping, drafting and passing, the racer who crosses the finish line first can claim victory.

ESPN's X-Games is considered the pinnacle of streetluge competition. All other streetluge contests determine who gets to compete in the week-long X-Games. Streetluge is also featured on The Gravity Games, a joint venture between NBC Sports Ventures and EMAP Peterson, which features many of the same sports as the X-Games.

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