Ludo is a huge red, hairy beast from the Jim Henson directed/George Lucas produced fantasy film : Labyrinth.

Jennifer Connelly's character, 'Sarah' first encounters him hanging upside down from a tree, while a group of goblins with small chomping fetuses on sticks torture him.

She feels bad for this poor creature so she throws rocks at the goblins and sets him free.
He is very thankful and becomes her friend for the rest of the way. (Aww.)

Ludo Quotes
Ludo on the 'Bog of Eternal Stench' : "SMELL BAD"
Ludo on being hog tied to a tree : "LUDO DOWN"
Ludo on his ability to summon rocks to do his bidding : "ROCKS FRIENDS".

Random Ludo Facts:

The Ludo costume was 12 feet tall and weighed a little over 75 pounds. It was made for one man to be able to fit inside. The facial expressions were controlled by a radio control.

Ludo resembles one of the monsters from the popular children's book "Where the Wild Things are".

He is adorable. I want one.

R.I.P. Jim Henson. He ruled.

Ludo is a board game, usually for two to four players. Each player has four pawns. The objective is to get all four pawns around the board and "home" before anyone else does.

The board consists of a linear track of spaces with four extra corridors (one for each player) spaced equally throughout. A player's home is at the end of the corridor.

A die is used to control play. Players take it in turn to roll the die. They then chose which of their pawns in play to move (a pawn must be moved into play by rolling a one).

If a player lands a pawn on a space occupied by an enemy pawn then the enemy pawn is sent back to the enemy player's home, so there is a minor stragegic element to the game. Often, rolling a six nets a player a bonus roll.

After circumnavigating the board, the pawns are moved up the coridoor. A player cannot move his pawns into an enemy's corridor, so the corridor is a "safe zone". Usually a player must get his pawns into their home by exact count, which can be really frustrating/fun.

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