They're everywhere! Friendly, jovial and innocuous; they can't help that they're monsters. Loveable monsters come in many forms, but don't let their startling appearance fool you! These docile creatures mean no harm. They simply want to be your friend (fwend).

If you have ever met one of these "monsters," or have a vague idea of what I am talking about, consider yourself blessed beyond all comprehension. Their undying loyalty and warm hearts will serve you immeasurably, especially if you are one of their semi-evil ratty bosses with an agenda involving domination of some group of beings. Loveable monsters often find themselves in codependent relationships with little imps that may take advantage of them and laugh maniacally when their nefariuos goals are within reach.

Loveable monsters come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common varieties are large and brightly colored with clumsy appendages and questioning eyes. His hands are usually large and his fur soft. If he makes a mistake (which they are want to do) he will display a visage of earnest apology, blink twice, and say, "I sorry boss. Big mistake. I sorry."

Oftentimes the monster's IQ is inversely proportional to its size. Don't worry for them, though! No! Their lack of traditional "intellegence" is no detractor. The monster, unfettered by the burden of knowing its limitations, is able to accurately express his desires (fwend) and is the most genuine person/creature you will ever meet.

Prime Example: Ludo from The Labryinth

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